Staffing Structure Towards Continued School Improvement

As Parkwood is a small school we often do things in a different way, ensuring that we are able to focus on key priorities for the school.

As part of this, the structure we use is dynamic and able to respond to the changes within school over time. This uses true distributive leadership to ensure ownership and sharing of skills across the school.

We do not have subject leads, however all teachers lead a project in school - directly linked to whole school priorities, whether this is based around maths, reading, writing, or one of the foundation subjects (or even a combination of subjects, linked to our theme approach to the curriculum).

They are well supported by our Assistant head teachers, who work alongside project leads to develop action or implementation plans. The AHT for Quality of Teaching oversees all aspects of the curriculum and where a project does not focus on a subject ensures that there is scrutiny of this over the year.

Where we have ECTs, they focus on developing their teaching and learning in the first year and are supported to lead a project based to their personal development, linked with the whole school priorities in their second year.

These projects are reviewed annually to measure impact on a school wide basis.

We believe this supports staff development as well as whole school progress towards priorities. This has been a successful model and feedback from staff has demonstrated that this has reduced workload and allowed staff to have focus on specific areas.

Current Leads/Projects for 23/24 Academic Year

Doug - AHT Quality of Teaching and Learning (curriculum and assessment overview)

Andrea - AHT Equality of Education (SEND, EAL, G&T, PPG, LAC)

Computing - Andrew

Phonics - Adelina

Maths (Ark Curriculum Plus) - Virginia

KS2 Reading - Ameenah

Makaton (EYFS) - Rumana

D&T - Layla

(Some of these projects will continue next year, dependent on the complexity of the work required)