Attendance and Punctuality

Parkwood is committed to ensuring that the attendance for our children is above the governments set guidelines of 96%, as a result of this we work closely with Synergy Education and Welfare Service Ltd (SEWS). SEWS work to support our attendance policy, and as part of this they may be in contact with families regarding their child's attendance. Our link officer is in school regularly meeting with ourselves and parents. The school's target is that all pupils achieve no less than 97% attendance.

 There are a number of procedures that we will follow to help support children and families. You may receive a letter, phone call or visit if attendance falls below the expected level. This will be an opportunity for the school to offer support to raise attendance for your child.

 Children's absence (appointments) during school time

 We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get an appointment for your child out of school hours. As a school, we would like to keep this to a minimum as this could have a significant effect on your child's attendance record. It is advised that:

  •  If you have an appointment during school time, you meet briefly with the Headteracher with supporting evidence (an appointment letter) to ensure that the school is fully aware of the needs of the children at Parkwood, and to avoid children missing as little of school as possible.
  • You bring your child into school should their appointment be after 9am in order that they do not miss important learning. 
  • It is not acceptable to keep a child absent all day if they have a morning appointment.

 Children's absence (holidays/emergency visits) during school time

All parents should be aware that the government advises that children should not take holidays during term time.  It is the responsibility as a school to adhere to this and it is in our school policy that no holidays will be authorised during term time. There are some circumstances where parents may need to take their child out of school for an emergency, in any of these cases this is at the Headteacher's discretion and it is advised that

  • A form will need to be completed and returned to the Headteacher, they will then have a discussion with you regarding the circumstances of the absence.
  • Depending on the circumstance, the Headteacher will then decide whether it should be an authorised or non-authorised absence (please be advised that the majority of absences will be unauthorised and the circumstance must be exceptional).
  • You may be asked to provide evidence of the reason for absence this could include a travel ticket so we are aware of when children should be returning (please note that we have been advised that we can also ask for other evidence such as some form of written documentation).

 We have a responsibility as a school to ensure that the children here receive the education they deserve and as a parent you have a legal responsibility to ensure your child/ren attend school regularly and punctually.

 Children's attendance will be celebrated throughout the year; in our celebration assembly we have the weekly attendance award that all children are able to take part in. In addition to this there will also be termly certificates celebrating attendance of 96% and above. This helps children to understand the importance of attendance and supports them in being ready for secondary school and the world beyond.

Further information can be found in our policy, 


Attendance Policy