Fundraising for Our Pupils

Parkwood works closely with Friends of Parkwood (FoP) to help raise funds for the school, we do this through a range of events across the year. This only provides us with a certain amount to help with music lessons, forest schools and extra clubs, as well as some small extras such as games equipment for playtimes.

We would love to work towards raising bigger amounts to help provide better facilities for our pupils, these are things that our budget just won't stretch to.

As a result, we are currently hoping to raise funds to upgrade our digital resources. We want to do this to ensure that we are able to provide a range of equipment for all pupils to use,  equipment that is suitable for teaching and learning in 2020.

We aim to raise £10,000 by July 2022 and would love to be able to have the equipment ready, in classes by the start of September 2022.

If you, or anyone you know is feeling generous, or have even a small amount to spare please click on the link below to help us on our way!