Curriculum Intent:

We aim to prepare children for their next step in life by ensuring they acquire the knowledge, skills and cultural capital needed in a modern, diverse society

The following features ensure we achieve this:


  • Thematic curriculum— Children make links across their learning, ensuring knowledge is secure and contextualised

  • Enriched experiences—Children access the opportunities available to them outside of the classroom in this global city. They use their skills in a range of real-life contexts

  • Global learning—Children encounter perspectives and values from around the world as we draw attention to global challenges in the past and the future

  • Progression model—Learning experiences are carefully planned to ensure each bit of learning builds on what came before

  • Vocabulary acquisition—Explicit teaching of vocabulary and etymology ensures a strong connection between children’s learning and their ability to articulate it

 Knowledge Organisers


Our knowledge organisers outline the key learning being undertaken by our children during each half-termly theme. They include the essential knowledge and skills being learnt, as well as key vocabulary which underpins children's learning. In addition, they highlight global learning opportunities, as well as links to previous learning undertaken. We share these with children and parents each half term and use them as live documents to help secure knowledge and understanding:



Nursery - Autumn 1 - Me & My World Nursery - Autumn 2 - Celebrations 


Reception - Autumn 1 - Me & My World Reception - Autumn 2 - Celebrations 

Year 1:

Year 1 - Autumn 1 - My Island Home Year 1 - Autumn 2 - Amazing Us 

Year 2:

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - African Threads Year 2 - Autumn 2 - Fire! Fire! 

Year 3:

Year 3 - Autumn 1 - American Dreams Year 3 - Autumn 2 - Webs, Skeletons & Incredible Ingredients

Year 4:

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Island to Island Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Food, Glorious Food!

Year 5:

Year 5 - Autumn 1 - African Rhythms Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Digging up the Past 

Year 6: 

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Black History in Britain Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Dead or Alive? 



If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please speak to one of our teaching staff or contact the school office. To find out about the school's homework policy please click here.