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Minutes Friends of Parkwood (FoP) meeting (second meeting of 2016/2017)    

Wednesday 8 March 2017

(attendees: Paul Wade (Head Teacher), Halina (chair, Yr5, nursery), Liz (treasurer, Yr5, Yr2), Mona (Yr4, Yr2), Gabriela (Yr5, Yr1, nursery), Joanna (Yr5), Karen (Yr3, Yr1), Magda (Yr4, Nursery), Laura (secretary, minutes; Yr5, Yr2); apologies: Tanya, Yuka, Danica, Charlotte, Greg, Paulette, Layla, Claudine, Adella)


Finance report from Liz - also up on FoP notice board in playground - we went over money raised and spent on a great variety of things, the impact of which can be seen around the school. If allocated money is not spent by July, it will be returned to the FoP budget.

FoP is now registered for Gift Aid which means that donations can raise an extra 25%!

Also all attendees voted in favour of FoP obtaining its own debit card to enable it to handle finances more easily.

Voting for positions on the committee: Halina, Liz and Laura will be stepping down from their posts to allow a new fop committee to be formed!  We had a discussion at the meeting on the roles and responsibilities and agreed a job share of current and new position would be a good way of welcoming a new committee. We also agreed to start a FoP What's App group for all to join to stay updated.

2.Upcoming Red Nose Day events

FoP would like to extend our fundraising efforts to other causes and will be taking part in Red Nose Day fundraising.

Maria Ingram (School mentor) will be selling red noses in school soon and in addition to this we propose to ‘wear red’ on red nose day for £1 on Fri 24th March and join in with a nursery/reception Toy share on Thu 23rd March. Please keep an eye out for a flyer asking for donations of good quality toys for nursery and reception.

3.Nursery,  years 1 & 3 fundraising events

Yr 1 fundraiser event: paint/ stencil onto a tote or t-shirt and cake sale. To be held on Friday 28th April during and after school.

Nursery fundraiser event: idea to arrange a Forest school visit for all years, children to pay £1 to come along. Magda will discuss with Lara. Date to be confirmed, preferably during May.

Yr3 fundraiser event: sponsored Fun Run for the whole school. Paul Wade agreed this would be a good whole school event, on the afternoon of Fri 12th May in Finsbury Park. Money raised over £200 will go into FoP funds towards sports equipment. Yr3 parents/ teacher still need to discuss suitable distances and draft sponsorship forms (including Gift Aid, Liz can provide template).

Ongoing fundraising opportunities (Liz):

  • Collecting clothes for bulk collection
  • Collecting stamps
  • Collecting foreign coins/ currency

4.Early planning for summer fair > Sat 1st July

Stalls promised so far:

  • Water balloon yo-yo (Yuka); 50p – £1 to play
  • Plant stall (Tanya)
  • Fire engine visit (Steve)
  • Beads/ bracelets
  • Hiring out tables to business will be done at cost of £10; one booked so far (Charlotte, clothes)
  • Please think of what you could run or help run!
  • Previous year(s) stalls: roller bikes; throw the sponge; food/drink (bbq, cakes, ice cream); biscuit decorating; book stall, various crafts; face painting; nail bar; games.

Liz will contact estate agent Portico again to see whether they could sponsor the summer fair with signs, ideally with Parkwood’s own design summer fair announcement. Portico’s sponsorship of the Christmas fair raised £300.

5.School handbook

Halina has been continuing work, together with Paul Wade on a Parkwood Handbook to be given to each Parkwood family with information about the school. Those present at the meeting will provide feedback on the draft and once completed, the handbook will go on the website, each family will receive a copy and yearly updates will be e-mailed. (Halina to share by e-mail)

6.Any other business

Tanya informed us by e-mail of the progress on keeping the Breakfast Club (BC) running. The club is budgeted to need £45/ day to run and is currently attended by 9 children on average. Efforts to secure funding continue, including communicating with all parents; enquiring with other schools and requesting donations. To be continued.


Laura read out a letter sent to the meeting by Doug King and Iolanda Basso, on behalf of NUT and ATL union members, which provided information on the impending cuts to education and how this will affect Parkwood, with three teachers to be made redundant. The position of teaching staff is:

No redundancies of essential staff are acceptable. (currently Parkwood’s results are in the top 2.5% of the country)

All Friends of Parkwood are asked to

To be continued.


Dates for your diary

Thu 23rd March                       Toy share/ swap (donate toys!)

Fri 24th March                         Red Nose Day (wear red on the day, cake sale …)

Fri 28th April                            Year 1 Fundraiser (decorate bag/ t-shirt, cake sale)

May                                         Nursery Fundraiser – visit Forest School?

Fri 12th May                            Year 3 Fundraiser – sponsored Fun Run

Sat 1st July                              Summer Fair


FoP news

Welcome back from the short half-term break, Spring is well and truly under way! Our updates: before half-term, years 5 & 6 hosted a karaoke party which was enjoyed by most classes. Many children sung and swung and enjoyed the glowsticks and treats on offer. The event raised a marvellous £186.77!

We now also know that Yr 4’s calendar fundraiser at the end of last year collected £179!

Yesterday, Thu 23 Feb, Yr 2 hosted the Coin Race fundraiser and all classes got stuck in, here are the results: In 1st place, with a tremendous length of 83.14m: year 2! We have 3 runners up: in 2nd place with 75.3m: Yr 3 and in 3rd place with 73.03m: Yr 5 and a special mention for Nursery here who did not win but brought in so many ‘silvers’ they deserve a consolation prize too! Winners and runners up were given their treat at the end of today. Thank you to all who helped organise, collect, run and (still) count the event! And special thanks to Laney who praised all children during assembly for their exemplary behaviour during the coin race and encouraged all to take this attitude forward in whatever they wish to achieve.

Our next FoP meeting will be held on Wed 8th March (eve) in the music room around the back of the school. Everyone is welcome! This meeting will include our AGM (annual general meeting) and we will also start planning for the next big event, our Summer fair! Come along!

Petitions and consultations: Last but not least, please join the movement of parents opposing cuts to education! The planned cuts will affect all schools across the country and unless we have our voices heard, we won’t be able to support our school. To put this into perspective, Parkwood would lose 4 teachers! Please get involved, sign the petition, share, write to your MP and more! See links below!


And… Hackney is currently running a consultation on the future of Hackney schools, called ‘Schools for everyone’. This survey is closing on 28 Feb 2017 so complete it now if you haven’t done so already!


When shopping online please don't forget to use easyfundraising to raise free funds for our school. Just follow the link

Thank you! Friends of Parkwood (FoP; Halina, Liz & Laura)

An overview of our successes, challenges and what the future has to offer! We look into the latest ideas FOP has come up with and discuss upcoming events.

Attended by: Halina (chair), Liz (treasurer), Laura (secretary, minutes), Dee, Gabriela, Danica, Kohsaku,Hayder, Joanna. Apologies: Paul Wade, Kay-Egil, Gosia D, Karen and John

1. Review of voted-in FoP positions

Thursday 19th March saw our International evening and first Annual General Meeting (AGM). As the AGM came at the end of the event in the busy hall, we once more discussed the voting process which included Halina and Liz re-elected in their respective positions of chair and treasurer and Laura elected as secretary. At the meeting all present agreed with the elected positions and these will remain in place until the next AGM.

2. FoP successes and challenges from the past year


- joining PTA UK, (national charity that provides support, guidance and practical resources to PTAs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. PTA UK’s vision is for every school to have the benefit of a successful and supportive PTA to enhance the education and futures of all our children.)

- becoming a registered charity

- attaining a raffle license

- improved partnership working with school staff

- dedicated noticeboards raising the profile of FoP and informing parents about FoP ( Action: nursery could do with copies of notices at their entrance; for nursery reps?)

- new website: have a look at the new and improved Parkwood website and direct link to FoP here:

- joined ‘easyfundraising’ which has raised over £100 (Action: use following link to sign up to fundraise for free through your online shopping or by activities such as completing surveys

- school events/ fundraisers, and as a result of those trips/ resources to the children

- lending library (Action: needs labels and more promoting)

Challenges, past and future

- FoP communication different ways: e-mails; posters; word of mouth etc (Action: collect more e-mail addresses from parents; ask in survey Laura? Halina?)

- Grants! What to apply for and who can follow it through? Renovation of sports pitch as ultimate goal, to be integrated with Paul Wade’s vision for whole playground. (example of quote for new pitch: £25,000). See also discussion on playground grant further on.

- involvement in looking at energy efficient school, ultimately Parkwood could benefit from installation of solar panels to be able to generate electricity and also offset surplus to the national grid

- IT provision: making the most of what is available in terms of hard- and software; increasing resources and increasing teacher IT competencies (Action: Danica to give an introduction of Purple Mash to parents?)

- allocating/ delegating of tasks: few people in FoP now often do a lot of tasks and a ongoing challenge is to encourage Parkwood friends to volunteer for different tasks, big or small

3. Questionnaire for parents: what/how/who/when?

We would like to conduct a survey of opinions on FoP work past and future to guide next steps (Action: Laura to draft using surveymonkey, paper version too?) Liz suggested this could perhaps be an activity for yr 5 and yr 6 (after SATs) as they may receive a better response from parents

4. Community Matters Notice Board outside the school office for personal ads (sell/swap/buy) and to promote tradespeople attached to the school eg babysitter, French tutor, plumber, decorator, swim teacher, dress-maker etc

Please contribute any thoughts/ ideas on this! Useful? What to include?

5. Inspiring Children Project – Hayder

Hayder presented his project proposal followed by a discussion. Attached is the proposal. Overall this was well received but there were some questions surrounding the feasibility and scale of project at this point in time. Some of the suggestions for next steps are to discuss with Paul Wade and the science lead (yr 6 teacher Andrew?); to share with more parents to identify potential volunteers; to run a science stall at the summer fair; to run an activity to coincide with bigger event such as Science week.

6. Summer Fair ideas + finalising prizes for raffle

Our next summer fair will be held on Saturday 13th June from 12 to 3pm

Please have a look at the plan for the summer fair so far and have a think if you could help with preparations or on the day, or have any ideas to contribute.

- Raffle: some prizes are already confirmed (£50 multi-store gift card; Clissold leisure centre membership; Arsenal signed team photograph; Cremeria Vienna voucher; Wholefoods voucher; Nando’s voucher). We will send out a template donation letter shortly to use when approaching businesses to ask for a donation. It was agreed raffle tickets will cost £1 each and each child will receive 5 tickets to sell to family/ friends but we want to stress no one should feel under pressure to sell all tickets. (Action: approach (local) businesses to ask for donation to summer fair using letter)

- Promoting fair: approach estate agent (Michael Morris) to ask if we can get sponsored signs (Action: Dee?)

Stall ideas:

- Food & drinks: BBQ (food to be bought/ donated, need volunteers at BBQ on the day); ice-cream stall; drinks stall; cakes stall

- Face painting; henna; tattoos

- Arts/ crafts: some ideas mentioned were: loombands; badge making; sketch/ portrait artist

- Book stall

- Tombola

- Lucky dip

- Sponge throwing

- Games

- Stalls by (local) businesses: bike doctor? Beauty/ nail therapist? Pottery?

7. Playground grants – Liz

Ultimately a school-wide goal is to raise enough money to improve the sports pitch/ playground. Class fundraisers this year have been successful and some have raised significantly more than others. It was discussed that perhaps a target should be introduced for each class to raise to be able to use towards a trip/ resource/ activity and that any money raised over this could go towards the whole school fund to work towards the playground target. Perhaps some classes could also join together when planning a trip to share costs? To be continued.

8. Any other business

Next meeting to be scheduled.


Please check if you have received a ‘Wiggio’ invite from Hayder Aziz and use this to sign up to be able to share a calendar for Friends of Parkwood events/ meetings and conversations.

Comments/ suggestions/ corrections? Please let one of us know!

Friends of Parkwood is an association set up and run by parents and carers of children at Parkwood school. If you have a child at our school you are automatically a member and we would love to know you!

Our aims are to support our children's learning experience during primary school by being part of the school's community, enhancing communication with teachers, fund raising for things such as class trips and playground equipment, as well as for events such as comic relief and other charities.

Every school year we have a number of large events such as the summer fair and various smaller ones throughout the year.  If you are able to help we are always in need of more volunteers.  Even if you think you can only help out very occasionally we'd love to hear from you.  If you have any ideas about fund raising, come and talk to us in the playground or use the suggestion box by the school office or contact one of our committee:

Halina 07966 284729    Liz 07932326817.

Look out, in the school Newsflash, for event and meeting dates.


For another way to support the school or your child/children please visit!

Website, Christmas fair feedback, family food fair, class events and reps, fundraising

Present: Kai, Karen, Laura, Joanna, Gabriela, Halina, Liz, Gosia, Kohsaku, Danica, Ben, Tanya

Apologies: Layla, Jo, Hannah

1. Website

FoP information should focus on minutes of current meeting, up-coming events, constitution and class reps.  

2. Xmas Fair best and worst

Quite chaotic at the beginning, confusion about entry and people coming in through the classrooms.
Some people didn't know there was a Santa, this might need to be in a room off the hall next time, set up was also confusing and who was around to do what,
Food was a bit disjointed, soup was unsold, but more of other food could have been sold.
We need to involve the teachers more and invite them to do things if they would like to.
Overcrowding was a complaint, but there’s little we can do about this.
More activities outside would be good, but unsure about weather
Seating for food would have been good.
Gazebo was a bit big and dark inside for the face painters.
Leaflet beforehand about what you can buy, and how it will work.
Overall Christmas Fair was great and well received. We made over £900 and another £400 on Frozen day.

3. Family food fair -19th March

How do we get more people to make food? Does it matter that the same people are making food.  
Idea is to sell a plate to adult/ child and then volunteers get free food.
Then to move on to the AGM after this.
Volunteers to make food - we could make this into a recipe book or a calendar
Hua - spring rolls, chicken fried rice
Kohsaku - sushi
Halina –pavlova & fairy bread
Liz -
Danica -lamingtons
‘Eat from around the world’ for £4 adult and £2 child.
This would be excluding cakes/desserts which are sold separately.
Who can set up from 1.30pm? Danica, Halina, Liz, Laura, Hua, Gosia, Kohsaku, Karen volunteered for this.

Problem with people noticing the posters and information. Do we need to put it in a different place. Maybe by the smelly room.
We need to have a fundraising total too and information about class events.

ACTION: Halina and Liz to discuss noticeboard with Paul Wade

Halina and Liz to attend staff meeting on 10th Feb to invite the teachers and ask who would like to be involved and see what teachers can do in class to promote the event and support decoration/set up.

4. Class events

Update on year 3 and 5 events and funds – year 3 raised £150 with a stone age cake sale, year 5 raised over £230 with a jumble sale. The parents really responded well to being asked to contribute, Doug linked the fundraiser to homework tasks which was a good way to get parents to read the information.
Year 1 doing raffle and cake sale on 29th January. Also salt dough heart shapes which will be sold and heart biscuits and cakes on the day.
Selling raffle tickets in the playground. Prize is a whole class cooking session in pizza express.
Raffle Draw will be on the week after at Friday assembly.
Nursery - request for more money from the fund as there are more children in nursery. Agreed.
Year 2 thinking about doing sponsored reading event

Class reps
We got email addresses from the parents evening. Sign in the year 2 class window looks good, but no response from this.
Could we do a session on the computing curriculum for parents? Danica is taking to Paul Wade about this. Sessions for parents could be offered.

5. Fundraising

Liz updated on easy fundraising and stamps and coins. These are easy ways to raise money which everyone can be involved in and have no additional cost.
Suggestion to do a competition for each class e.g. how many stamps/coins can you gather?

Would be good to have another meeting after school before the event, otherwise AGM is next meeting on 19th March.

FOP secretary, parent's evenings, volunteering, sharing of funds, translation of information, Christmas fair, FOP logo, grants commitee and more!

Present: Kai, Halina, Liz, Yuka, Layla, Gabriella, Gosia, Joanna, Sonja, Paul Wade
Apologies: Danica, Karen, John, Greg, Bingul, Fiametta, Hannah, Gillian, Miszel, Laura, Tanya, Claudine

1. Secretary Vacancy

Liz is currently acting as secretary and treasurer. We need someone to volunteer for this role.
Discussion included taking minutes being rotated and PW offered space on the server. Long term it would be good to have several elected committee members who could support us with sub groups according to the constitution. The constitution is important to ensure we are regulated, particularly financially.
Action: All to consider whether they can take on this role, Liz to put together document to make it clear what the role entails

2. Parents evenings

We would like to have a presence at these in November Tues 3.30-5, Thurs 5-7pm. Parents will be coming into school to see teachers and we can provide tea and coffee to prents for free and this gives an opportunity to talk about FOP and encourage people to take an active role.
Layla can offer some time Tuesday 3.30-4, Halina on the Tuesday. Liz and Gosia on the Thursday.
Action:All to offer any availability to Halina

3. General discussion about encouraging people to join in and give time, even if it's just a little bit. Put agenda in the newsletter and minutes available on the website. Discussion about culture of parents associations in schools in other countries.

4. Sharing of funds for the classes.

We have £1,500 from events last year to share out. Suggestions from the children are to spend on class pets or trips.
Where a class has a pet, they could spend the money on new cages/home for the pet.
Paul Wade reported that ongoing costs and care of the pets would be the responsibility of the school and teacher. Class fundraiser money should go to each class.                                                                                                                  Action: Ask the children to decide what to spend the money on in each class. Each class rep to go into the classroom and plan with teacher how to offer children a choice of what to spend it on. Give £175 per class to retain some for costs before the Christmas Fair. Halina to canvass Year 6 and Liz to do year 4.

5. Translation of information into community languages. There are people willing to help parents who don't speak English. We need to think about what the sentence should say at the bottom of the letters.                                                                                                             Action: Paul Wade and Liz to think about wording at the end of school letters and FOP info
6. Christmas Fair: Thursday 11th December 3.30-7pm

This is the big event this term. Discussion about stalls
Hot dogs- chicken and pork sausages?
Raffle - need to ask community businesses for prizes. Possibility to sell these in advance and get them printed.
Volunteer committee is Gosia, Layla, Halina, Liz and Iwona

7. FOP logo

We should create a logo in order to make it clearer what is FOP and what is Parkwood school. Suggested to include the tree from the school logo and then add some joined hands around the edge.

Action: Halina to discuss with Karen

8. Grants committee

Some interest from people not present tonight. (Tanya and Claudine)
Redmond Centre is keen to support us with getting appropriate grants.
They have been set up around Woodbury Down estate due to the level of need in the community and we form part of their area as they needed to be supporting 10,000 people.
Manor House PACT is also part of this organisation. He can direct us towards grants for outings for children and parents or larger things like the football pitch or solar panels.

We have charity status application in and need this in order to apply for grants

9. Vegetable stall is in need of more volunteers. Can we please promote this to the parents via class rep info. Needs promoting to the nursery too.

10. Class reps could organise a social event in each class.

11. Look out for the year 3 class fundraiser Thursday 23rd October – stone age cupcake sale

Next class fundraiser is Year 5 for November

Following this:

Jan – Y1

Feb – YN

Mar – Y2

Apr – YR

May – Y4

July – Y6

Next meeting: sub committees, then another FOP meeting in November before the Christmas Fair.

Main topic; Our next event is the Summer Fair, we have discussed stalls, dates and class rep responsibilities. We have also had updates from class reps for this term so far.

Present: Liz Alsford, Halina High, Laura Prikken, John Larson, Kay-Egil Hauan, Claudine Rausch,Layla Shalal, , Kaori Sgabe

Apologies: , Karen Willey, Beth Hunt

  1. Summer Fair date and Organisation

Date set previously with Jim for Saturday 21st June.

Choice of date was due to Ramadan falling at end of June/July and Saturday generally felt to be the best date. Fliers went out with wrong date initially, but a new flier has gone out today with date change. Apologies for this.

Many ideas discussed for the day – main issue is to get enough parents to commit to running and organising a stall. Idea is to use the football pitch and possibly the playground and hope for good weather. Hall is possible if the weather is really bad.

Discussion about tidying up, rubbish bins

Gazebos – Liz and Halina have one and we can rent a big one from Laura’s housing group for £10.

We need to establish which toilets we can use, and how many chairs, tables etc we have access to.

Bar-B-Qs also need to be sourced locally

Tickets/Tokens would be best to use as payment for games

Need to check with the school about leafleting the local area and anyone who might complain about noise on the weekend.

Stalls discussed:

  • Ice cream and ice lollies

  • Cakes and sweets

  • Henna/Face painting/tattoos

  • Games and activities for the children

  • Dads in goal football competition

  • Selling tokens/tickets - ? on the gate

  • Balloons?

  • Throw the sponge at a teacher

  • Bar-B-Qs

  • Other local businesses paying for use of a table

  • Community police

  • Parkwood stage?

  • Dressing up competition

  • 2nd hand clothes stall

  • Toys and books stall

  • Gardening stall

  • Safari house pete?

  • Raffle/tombola

Class reps need to speak with people about the fair and find additional interested parents/carers who are willing to help.

Text to parents needed about bringing in things to sell.

  1. Update on bank account and PTA status

Liz is in process of setting up bank account. Need to fill out the paperwork then we can apply for charitable status.

  1. Class rep and teacher liaison news

Year R – info was sent around via email and copy printed for parents

Year 1 – chat with Andrea has happened and they have sent out info by email only. They are getting some more emails gradually from people. Info about assembly presentations is difficult to get.

Year 2 – no meeting yet, hopefully after half term

Nursery – meeting with Lara and newsletter given out by email and letter. Lara wanting support from parents for trips

It was felt that information about teachers for next year would be helpful asap – need to discuss with Jim.

Parent from year 1 has asked about group holiday options – to ask her for further information and feed back to meeting via class rep.

  1. Discussion about general information sharing and communication within the group.

Some wanted all emails while others did not. Layla to look into setting up a forum where we can communicate with each other.

  1. Plan:

  • Halina/Liz to meet with Jim to discuss practicalities for Summer Fair and teacher information for next year

  • Layla to investigate online forum

  • All to talk with parents about helping with the Fair

  • Need to discuss further about Grant applications once charitable status is gained

  1. Next meeting before Summer Fair

A list of upcoming points and actions for FOP to discuss and take part in.

1. Christmas Fair (11.12.14) this is a Thursday and will be 3.30 until 6.30. It is 3 hours long so we can catch everyone picking up and it’s on late enough for some working parents. We thought this plan was better than having a Saturday event, as weekends in the lead up to Xmas are usually manic for everyone…

2. Summer Fair (13.6.15)

3. suggested Eid party (20.7.15)

4. Paul will set dates for class based events, the theme of which would be agreed later. Class reps would arrange these events in consultation with class teachers

5. The suggested ‘Coin Race’ will be the week beginning the 18th May? (it should fall after the last round of SATS for Y6) – this event is as yet not attached to any one class.

6. FofP are setting up a sub-committee to look at grants and other fund raising opportunities and will be supported by Paul and Mel.

7. FofP will set a ‘trip budget’ for each class during our next meeting which will be paid into the school fund and classes will be expected to use this up over the course of the year. The office will report, termly, upon this usage and ensure that non-spending classes are chased up.

8. FofP will discuss other uses for fundraising, including possible contributions towards each class having their own pet.

9. Go to person for FoP to be PW, but can also be JW or Mel

10. School will investigate the possibility of creating a designated home school liaison post (similar to Tower Hamlets model?)

11. Storage. FoP will have an allocated storage space for resources in the autumn term

12. Homework. All completed homework will be acknowledged. Once a month, homework will be marked in depth. Handed in homework will be recorded on a class chart (displayed in windows) and children who hand in all HW will receive an agreed treat (decided within classes). Homework books/ folders will be set up to store all homework neatly and consistently. A timetable slot will be put aside in all classes to explain homework and allow time to stick it into books.

13. New toys will be purchased for the playground

14. Work will begin to remove the screens in the playground to free up space. Some of the benches will remain in place.

15. PW & JW will look at the Y1/Y2 dividing wall.

16. School will continue to place toilet replacement on the agenda with HLT for capital expenditure

17. School will ensure that the water fountains are regularly cleaned and replaced as soon as possible (budget allowing)

18. FoP to invite some parents to offer to create murals/ painting inside toilets to make them a more pleasant environment

19. FoP working with Sal (governor) to create a parent handbook